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"It was exciting and just a major, major compliment…I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen." - Lupita Nyong’o on being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful


Regina doesn’t appreciate people touching her stuff

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"When I made Lost in Translation, I was 17. Now I’m 29… That’s a normal side effect of being a young actor. You’re captured in a certain time of your life, and it’s hard for people to move past that”    Scarlett Johansson

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For those who can’t see the new sneak peek…

Spoilers preview clip for tonight’s Arrow: Seeing Red

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This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘

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@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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She was a cellist. Second chair, Portland symphony. Saw her play whenever I was in town. Ever see a beautiful woman play the cello? It’s something else. She laughed at my jokes, too, which was a very nice bonus.
- You know where she is now?
Of course I do.

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Billie Piper on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (x)

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Detailed Mosaics of ‘Star Wars’ Characters Created Using Tens of Thousands of Multi-Colored Staples


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